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02/28/2006 Firm hopes little microphone for Internet phone will be a big hit

An estimated 44 million Americans will be using the Internet to make phone calls by the end of this decade, which is why industry watchers predict that soon microphones implanted directly into laptop computers will be the norm....

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Corilyn Shropshire

02/27/2006 Akustica launches single-chip CMOS microphone

London (02/27/06) -- Akustica Inc., a start-up developing acoustic components in silicon using MEMS manufacturing processes, has said it can now offer the first single-chip CMOS microphone....

EE Times - Peter Clarke

08/10/2005 GreenShift Executes Agreement toInvest in Ovation Products

Revolutionary New Clean Water Appliance Purifies Water from Sewage and Other Wastewaters

MOUNT ARLINGTON, NJ (08/10/05) -- GreenShift Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GSHF) today announced its execution of agreements to invest in Ovation Products Corporation, a development stage company with patented and proprietary technologies involving new implementations of vapor compression distillation....

Capitol Reports: Environmental

05/29/2005 U.S. Military Tries to Solve Identity Theft With Boca-based Cyber Technology

The U.S. military is seeking the ultimate answer to identity theft and Internet hacking in a physics-based cyber security system secretly developed five years ago in a private Boca Raton laboratory, officials close to the partnership said this weekend....

Boca Raton News

05/23/2005 USJFCOM Partners With Industry to Develop New Authentication Technology

U.S. Joint Forces Command's Joint Futures Laboratory's work with an industry partner puts it at the forefront of a new authentication technology designed to provide enhanced security for sensitive information....

USJFCOM Public Affairs - JO1(SW/AW) Chris Hoffpauir

04/06/2005 MEMS Microphone Maker Akustica Lands $15 Million

Pittsburgh-based MEMS chip developer Akustica Inc. last week said it has raised $15 million in new financing. The firm specializes in developing tiny speakers and microphones for use in devices such as cell phones, personal digital assistants and laptop computers....

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

02/24/2005 Health Alert: Measuring Brain Functions By Computer

Linda Zembron was taking a test to see how her thinking is holding up. She's lived with multiple sclerosis for 14 years and recently felt her memory and thought processes were slipping, "I felt sure that I was going to have another relapse, and I wanted to kind of be proactive about getting in front of the curve instead of waiting till after it happened."...

WNBC Network, Dawndy Mercer

01/03/2005 NH Inventor Is Making Sewage Drinkable

The Army's Natick Labs in Massachusetts has sent a local inventor some good news. Uncle Sam likes his invention. It's not a missile or even a guidance system. It's a machine that can make pure water out of sewage -- at low cost....

NHPR News, Mark Bevis

12/13/2004 Top 100 Innovative Companies Companies That Will Shape the Next Year in Technology

The 100 companies on this list share two important characteristics: they have embraced innovation and the editors of Red Herring believe they will benefit from the 10 trends that we foresee dominating the technology industry in 2005....

Red Herring

08/01/2004 A New Twist on Tax Dollars and Fiberoptics

I'm always interested to find out what our government is doing with my money. Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with another polemic about "billions and billions" wasted. This is a story that came across my e-mail desk, where I usually hit the "delete" key faster than I can toss mind-numbing paper press releases into the circular file. This missive emanated from the newsroom at the National Science Foundation (NSF) in Arlington, VA....

Laser Focus World - Jeffrey Bairstow

07/31/2004 Red Herring Profiles Chiral Photonics

Chiral Photonics is developing fiber lasers that it says are three times more efficient - and about one-fifth the cost - of the semiconductor lasers now widely used to power fiber-optic telecomminucations networks....

Red Herring

07/02/2004 Chiral Fiber Gratings

Chiral gratings with double helix symmetry were produced by twisting glass optical fiber with a noncircular core cross section as it passed through a miniature oven. We observed polarization-selective transmission in chiral fibers with pitches of thens of micrometers....

Science Magazine

07/01/2004 A New Twist on Fiber Optics

ARLINGTON, VA, July 1, 2004 By twisting fiber optic strands into helical shapes, researchers have created unique structures that can precisely filter, polarize or scatter light. Compatible with standard fiber optic lines, these hair-like structures may replace bulky components in sensors, gyroscopes and other devices....

NSF Newsroom

05/10/2004 Chiral Photonics Brings A New Twist To Optical Devices, Lasers

CLIFTON, N.J., May 10, 2004 A strand of customized optical fiber, seen through a microscope, is heated in a miniature oven and rapidly, though precisely, twisted as it is pulled downward....

Small Times Correspondent - Jack Mason

03/29/2004 New Distiller Shows Promise For Cleaning Up Dirty Water

The U.S. Army and British government are studying a new micro-distillation device that cheaply and efficiently turns polluted water into clean, potable water....

Engineering News-Record - William J. Angelo

11/14/2003 Bolster Your Network's Authentication

Network authentication has come a long way. In the beginning, there was no authentication, and users shared information without any access controls. There seemed to be no need to secure networks....

TechRepublic - Security Solutions

10/01/2003 Akustica Raises Another $8 Million

Specialized chip developer Akustica Inc. raised $8 million in a second round of equity financing. The South-side based maker of tiny computer chips that use MicroElectroMechanical Systems-based (MEMS) technology to enhance the sound in hearing aids and cell phones said yesterday that the funding round was lead by local venture firms Rangos Investments and Chamberlain Investments. Palo Alto, Calif.-based Mobius Venture Capital also participated.....

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Corilyn Shropshire

09/12/2003 Chiral Gets $2M For Fiber Laser

Chiral Photonics, Inc. (CPI) in Clifton, NJ has been awarded a $2 million grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Advanced Technology Program to develop and prototype a new type of low-cost laser....

Light Reading - News Wire Feed

05/15/2003 Simple Test Spots Dementia Early

Israelis have developed a test that can detect early signs of dementia... often in time to allow treatment that delays mental decline....

Internet Jerusalem Post - Judy Siegel-Itzkovich

02/10/2003 Treating Wastewater At Home

A few years ago, when John Hatsopoulos, the cofounder of Thermo Electron Corp., wanted to add a greenhouse to his Lincoln home, he encountered an unpleasant surprise. Thanks to Massachusetts Title 5 regulations, which mandate an inspection of a home's septic system prior to expansion or sale of the home, he was forced to sink $40,000 into his back yard, to rebuild the leach field....

Boston Globe Online - Scott Kirsner

Jan./Feb. 2003 The Water Game
Will Drinking Water Be The Next Platform For Investment?

The United States takes water for granted. Although the U.S. has approximately 170,000 public drinking water systems, not to mention dams and large water utilities, it requires a lot of work to get that water drinkable and clean enough to use on farms and lawns....

FUTUREDEX - Eric Reyes

10/17/2002 Acoustic MEMS Firm Akustica Raises $2.25M Series A

PITTSBURGH -- Akustica, a provider of acoustic MEMS technology for wireless communications and consumer electronics, said it has raised $2.25 million in Series A financing....

VentureWire - Michelle Tsai

09/30/2002 Eureka! There's Nickel In Them Thar Plants!
In the small Southern Ontario town of Port Colborne, three small fields on what locals call the "wrong side of the canal" may be rewriting the future of mining....

The Globe and Mail - Stephen Strauss

09/12/2002 Water Tech Firm Ovation Products Exits Stealth, Raising $10M

After six years in development Ovation Products, a water treatment technology company, has come out of stealth mode and is seeking $10 million in Series C financing, its first venture round, founder and CEO Bill Zebuhr told VentureWire....

VentureWire - Emily Westhafer

09/09/2002 Developments To Watch: Homemade Drinking Water, For A Pittance

Business Week - Aliya Sternstein

06/28/2002 MEMS Pioneer Takes A Year Off School to Sell His Wares

There are 1.6 MEMS devices per person today in the United States, according to a recent industry group study, and the association's co-founder wants to have a hand in boosting that number....

Small Times - Staff Writer - Jeff Karoub

06/2002 The State of Nanotechnology
Coming soon: Nanoelectronics for Infotech and Medicine.

Three years ago, when Rice University chemist James Tour pitched his nanotechnology startup to investors, he had a hard time getting anyone to listen....

An MIT Enterprise Technology Review - Alan Leo

12/21/2001 Breakthrough Of The Year: Molecules Get Wired

In 2001, scientists assembled molecules into basic circuits, raising hopes for a new world of nanoelectronics....

Science Magazine - Robert F. Service

07/23/2001 The Next Small Thing

Scientists are re-creating our world in the realm of the intensely tiny. The potential payoff: denser hard drives, smaller chips, better medicine....

Staff Writer -