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Telemark is interested in breakthrough scientific advances in the development of Energy and Water Technologies. Over the last decade, advances in technology coupled with deregulation have led to a sea of change in the telecommunications industry. We believe the coming decade represents a similar watershed in time in the areas of and energy generation, storage and, transportation. Telemark is interested in the generation opportunities of fossil fuels and clean sources; storage opportunities such as PEM fuel cells; and transportation opportunities such as HTS superconductivity. We are also interested in the pioneering technologies relating to water distillation and desalination as well as, in fluidic systems and devices..

Portfolio Companies - Information Technology:
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Ovation Products Corporation.
Ovation Products has developed a technology and product that economically adapts the distillation method used in large plants - heat recovery based vapor compression - to a small-scale household device.
Nashua, NH
Viosense Corporation
Viosense develops and markets sensor technologies, including optical MEMS sensors for particle sizing and imaging systems for dynamic three-dimensional profilometry, for fluidics and other applications.
Pasadena, CA
Viridian, LLC
Viridian has developed metal farming plants that hyperaccumulate and extract nickel and other metals from soil at lower costs than conventional mining. The combustion of plant biomass during the phytomining process also yields significant amounts of renewable energy.
Houston, TX