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As the forebear of modern skiing, telemarking laid open backcountry for doughty Norwegians. We believe that the enchanting panorama that an entrepreneur beholds can only be traversed through a readiness to turn on a dime. It is our job to work with the entrepreneur in plotting out a course by identifying opportunities, opening avenues to customers, introducing strategic partners and helping to craft strategy. It is also our job to scout out rough patches and assist the entrepreneur to adjust or change course.

Together with our relationships with partner companies, Telemark keeps other important partnerships. We have developed close ties with our advisors and our investors. There are also many noted financial and consulting firms that have teamed with Telemark to supply capital and solutions to our partner companies. Our network brings together technological expertise, business acumen, and long term perspective to provide strategic business development guidance.

Telemark path blazes with entrepreneurs as they conquer the terrain of building great companies.